"The greatest deed that one can do is to give freely of one's self."
-Rev. Edna Claussen

Jan 13 2020

Written By: Karen Beebe

On my page I would like to bring you my thoughts on what our church means to me. When I first walked into our service, I remember being very nervous, being raised a Catholic, I was concerned the roof would fall in on me, and I would spend the rest of my days in Hell. Surprise! I have been coming to services for more than 25 years. Many changes have come to those who attend our service, and many changes have come to my life. I remember thinking "What am I doing here? and What is my purpose?" I started out slowly, taking probably 2 years before I'd make the commitment to become a member. I became a church designated healer, and began serving the platform with guided meditations. To say I've seen many changes in myself is insufficient. I have also become a Licentiate Minister, studying to pass the exams. This took me, from start to finish, almost 10 years. Working full time the hardest part was going for Pastoral Skills. This was a 2 week course that was always given in June, a busy time for me at work, and so I was unable to give up 2 weeks. Finally, the course was split in half and given in Detroit. I have found peace and serenity in our church. I have found a spiritual family. I have found a religion that is not based on the fear of going to Hell. We do not believe in Hell. Our religion is based on Natural law, Mediumship, and Healing. It was and is a good fit for me or I would not be serving the Church!

Are you curious? Come and Visit our Service and see what we are all about.

If you like what you feel, when you come in, STAY. Become a member, get involved!

Hope to see you soon!