"The greatest deed that one can do is to give freely of one's self."
-Rev. Edna Claussen

Apr 05 2020

Written By: Karen Beebe

Good Morning are all keeping up your spirits? Meditate, Pray, Dance, Listen to good music, Read that book on your must do list. I thought we could all use a little lift. My dear friend, Florence Hymes, turned 94 in Feburary. Just to let you know, her kindness and generous nature, has lived on through all who have known her, and those closest to her. Her daughter is an inhalation therapist in Southampton Hospital. She saw a need and has donated an inhibation machine to her hospital. I'm sharing her story to you all. Read more

On another note, Bill Withers passed away this week, now you ask, who's that? He sung one of my favorite songs, Stand By Me. Put it on, sing it at the top of your lungs, and feel the lyrics. We all need someone to lean on in these times of isolation. We try to meditate at 11 am on Sundays. Join us if you can and feel the vibrations rise. We pray for a quick and speedy recovery for our nation every night at 7. Join us and your prayers make our voices stronger.

Thank you, stay safe, and stay home. We know that you don't have to show ANY KIND OF SYMPTOMS, to be infected with this virus, that's how it is passed on. STAY HOME, and we hope to resume church services soon.