"The greatest deed that one can do is to give freely of one's self."
-Rev. Edna Claussen

Sep 30 2013

Written By: Hugo Ruiz

Message From Pastor Rev. Hugo Ruiz

The ordination of Rev. Hugo Ruiz, which took place on June 8th, 2003 at 11AM in the Temple of Metaphysical Science in Patchogue, New York, represented a culmination of years of study, perseverance and determination. He was honored and moved to be able to share this joyous occasion with his family, friends, and congregation. Without their support he would have not been able to reach this milestone in his spiritual journey.

The Reverend Catherine Snell, NST, and the Reverend Janet Travis, NST, officiated the ordination and set the tone for the sacred event. Each selected speaker provided an individual touch of love that helped raise the vibration. As a prelude to the services, Mr. Ruiz handed each person a red rose as a symbol of harmony, love, and unity.  The ordination service was an extremely special event for him.

Mr. Ruiz expressed the highest appreciation and deepest gratitude to his mother, for influence and inspiration.  She led him to the Spiritual Realm at the tender age of eleven. She encouraged him to read books and seek knowledge.   Knowledge is power.  Somehow his mother knew that Mr. Ruiz possessed the gift of Clairvoyance or the ability to communicate with people who have crossed over or died.  Mr. Ruiz also learned the immense responsibility involved in exercising this gift.

Ruiz will never forget when he and his mother arrived in Queens, New York and all his mother had left in her pocketbook was $35. This memory serves to remind him that” There are times in our lives when we have to take a risk in order to cross the obstacles that are necessary for our spiritual growth”. At the same time this and other tough experiences have taught him to stand tall and face the difficulties of life head on with confidence. But, most importantly, he’s learned to be proud of any accomplishments no matter how small there are.

Rev. Ruiz gave thanks to his wife, for her encouragement him back in 1995.  While they were visiting a friend in Buffalo she suggested they visit the Spiritualism Community at Lily Dale.  There he found the address of the Temple of Metaphysical Science in The National Spiritualist Summit.  Upon his first visit he knew that this was to be his spiritual home.

Rev. Ruiz has come to the realization that practicing the Religion of Spiritualism is his path which demands dedication.  Now that he has been ordained and accepts the charge of the ministry, he feels a profound sense of responsibility towards his fellow man. The Rev. Hugo Ruiz will continue to practice the Religion of Spiritualism and the Temple of Metaphysical Science with respect, dedication, sincerity, and love. He prays that the Archangels, master teachers, pioneer and forerunners of Spiritualism, and those who have departed continue to illuminate his path, so that he can continue to spread the light of love just as they do.

In conclusion, he wants to extend gratitude from the bottom of his heart to those special people who are no longer on the physical plane, but played an instrumental role in guiding him towards ordination. These include el Senor, or Mr. Armando Hernandez, La Senora or Mrs. Maria, and the Rev. Edna Claussen, and all the great spiritual masters that have walked the earth. Each of these special individuals taught him in their own way the value of the Religion of Spiritualism.

Besides being a Licentiate Minister (LM), Ordained Minister, Mr. Ruiz is also a Certified Medium (CM), National Spiritualist Teacher (NST), Reiki Master and a Certified Hypnotist.